Third Sunday in Easter, April 15, 2018, Year B

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Based on the Readings as Set

First Reading (Acts 3:12-19)

To those who had seen Peter heal a lame man near the temple, he proclaims that it was due to faith in the risen Jesus, the same one they had rejected and killed. The prophets had predicted this but if they now repented and turned to God they would be forgiven.

Psalm (4)

The Psalmist appeals to God for help, the God who has heard and answered him before. He counsels patience and trust when YAHWEH is silent, remembering how he has always abundantly provided all things necessary in the past.

Second Reading (1 John 3:1-7)

By calling us his children God shows his love for us, even though we are not yet all we shall be when we are finally in his presence. This hope leads us to purify ourselves by doing right and abiding in the sinless one, who came to take away sin.

Gospel (Luke 24:36b-48)

Jesus appears to all of his disciples after walking with two on the road to Emmaus. He offers proof that he is not a ghost and shows them how the Messiah was to suffer and be raised. They are witnesses to these things, preaching repentance among the nations.


  • Jesus’ followers are to continue and expand his mission, preaching repentance and forgiveness in his name
  • Salvation and forgiveness from sin are based on the work of Christ on the Cross
  • Beyond the grave, Jesus is still present to the believer
  • The key to the interpretation of Scripture is Jesus Christ himself
  • The resurrection of Jesus is God’s ultimate answer to the prayer and patience of his people