Welcome to my personal Website.

Everyone has to have one it seems and now, so do I!

Actually, it’s kind of awesome. And scary. It’s kind of like ascending to the pulpit to preach for the first time. I remember it well, a little country church just north of Winnipeg. Every expectant eye on me. What was I going to say? I still have that sermon. It is perhaps the only one worth keeping! It  is certainly the only one I ever typed out in full.

In a sermon, at least you have the text on which to focus your attention and to act as control upon your thoughts. A website is a different matter altogether. This one mostly reflects my current concern for what I see happening to the Anglican Church of Canada.

As such, its current centerpiece is the complete text of the newly completed revision of my 1998 book, “Two Religions, One Church: Division and Destiny in the Anglican Church of Canada”. The new book is available now for free downloading. I also include a number of links to articles that I consider to be of relevance to the situation in our Church.

Beyond these you will find links to my Blog “Lection Connection” and my other book “In the Bosom of Abraham: How Three Ancient Promises Embrace the Biblical Story”. The blog summarizes and shows the common themes in the Revised Common Lectionary Scriptures for each Sunday. The book is published by Wipf and Stock and is available on Amazon.ca and, possibly (and more cheaply) from me personally. It is a great way for anyone to get to know the Old Testament as a connected Story.

It is all intended for the good of the Kingdom of God. I trust you will find it so.

Yours in Christ,



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