In the Bosom of Abraham

Read the Old Testament for the first time. Again. Experience it as an actual story for the first time.  This unique book takes the reader inside the biblical narrative for a fresh encounter with God’s Word. Often we read the Old Testament looking for how each event anticipates the Christ, which is a bit like reading a detective novel knowing “who done it” all along. Here, each succeeding episode is allowed to speak on its own terms only, building upon what has already happened just like any other story. Along the way it will be demonstrated how each part of the biblical narrative embodies the three covenantal promises that God made to Abraham: Land, Many Descendants, and a Blessing to All Nations. In so doing, the inherent narrative framework of the “old, old story” is more fully exposed and the reader is rewarded with a new sense of its profound unity and divine inspiration.

If you would like to purchase a copy of In the Bosom of Abraham, contact the author. A revised edition of the book will soon be available from the publisher.