First Sunday of Advent, December 2, 2018, Year C

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Based on the Readings as Set

First Reading (Jeremiah 33:14-16)

In the last days of Judah, just before the nation went into exile and the line of David removed from the throne, the prophet Jeremiah has a startling word from the Lord. He says that a Day is coming when Judah and Israel will be restored under a righteous Davidic king ruling in justice.

Psalm (25:1-10)

The Psalmist turns to the Lord for protection asking for knowledge of his ways and to be led in his truth. He acknowledges his sin and makes his appeal based only on God’s mercy and love. He is the one who leads humble sinners in his blessed ways as they keep faith with him.

Second Reading (1 Thessalonians 3:9-13)

St. Paul is excited about the possibility of seeing the Thessalonians and asks the Lord to guide his way. He asks for their love for all to increase just as his has for them. And so that they might be blameless when Jesus comes, he prays that their hearts may be strengthened in holiness.

Gospel (Luke 21:25-36)

Jesus talks of fearful signs in the heavens and on the earth before the Son of Man comes in great glory. These things will indicate that the kingdom of God is near. He gives his word on it, urging us to live accordingly and to pray for strength both to escape and to stand before him.


  • The Day of the Lord marks both an end and a beginning
  • The anticipation of the return of Christ should positively affect the way we live
  • Jesus will be coming as Judge of all the earth
  • Jesus is the expected Davidic king
  • God will make a way where none seems possible