Ascension Day, May 10, 2018, Year B (Or observed Sunday, May 13, 2018)

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Based on the Readings as Set

First Reading (Acts 1:1-11)

After his resurrection Jesus teaches his disciples about the kingdom of God for forty days. As he tells them to wait for the baptism in the Holy Spirit to enable them to be witnesses even to the ends of the earth, he is lifted up into a cloud with a promise that he will return in the same way.

Psalm (47)

All peoples are urged to sing praises to YAHWEH who is king over all the earth. Indeed, the princes of the peoples are to gather as the children of Abraham.

Alternate Psalm (93)

YAHWEH is the everlasting king of creation, his creation. He is far more majestic than even the awesome thunder of the heavens or the crashing waves of the sea. His laws are sure and his house is holy.

Second Reading (Ephesians 1:15-23)

Having heard of the faith and love of the Ephesians, Paul gives thanks and prays that they will know the rich hope to which they are called. God will do this, whose power raised Jesus from the dead and seated him on high over all other authorities as the head of the church, his body.

Gospel (Luke 24:44-53)

In his last resurrection appearance Jesus shows his disciples how the Scriptures predicted his suffering and rising. Witnesses to this, they are to proclaim repentance and forgiveness in his name even to the ends of the earth. With that he blesses them and ascends into heaven.


  • The ascension of Jesus to the Father marks the end of his earthly ministry
  • The ascension of Jesus reveals his true position as the authoritative Son of God, sharing in the divine majesty
  • Jesus’ followers are to carry the gospel of the kingdom to all the earth and all its inhabitants
  • Jesus is both the focus of Scripture and the key to its interpretation

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