First Sunday after Christmas, December 30, 2018, Year C

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Based on the Readings as Set

First Reading (1 Samuel 2:18-20, 36)

Hannah made young Samuel a new sacred robe each year and brought it to him in Jerusalem when she and her husband went to the yearly sacrifice. Eli the priest would bless her and pray that she might have more children. Meanwhile, Samuel grew physically, socially and spiritually.

Psalm (148)

The Psalmist enthusiastically calls on all the elements of both heaven and earth to praise the Lord who has created them all, animate and inanimate together. Now he has raised up a horn for his faithful people, a mighty deliverer to save them at last.

Second Reading (Colossians 3:12-17)

Paul instructs the Christians at Colossae in how to live together harmoniously as God’s beloved and chosen people. Led by deep concern for others and shunning self-interest, they are to instruct and discipline one another in the word of Christ, always giving thanks to the Father.

Gospel (Luke 2:41-52)

Every year Jesus and his parents go to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. At age twelve he goes missing and they find him in the temple maturely engaging Israel’s teachers and claiming that it is his Father’s house. He returns with them where he grows physically, socially and spiritually.


  • Youth is not a barrier to being used by God
  • We should be open to instruction from one another in the Word of God
  • The Lord is in his house
  • The importance of a loving family life, natural and supernatural