Fifth Sunday in Lent, April 7, 2019, Year C

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Based on the Readings as Set

First Reading (Isaiah 43:16-21)

At a very low point in the history of Israel, Isaiah, pointing to how the Lord saved Israel at the Red Sea, challenges the nation to look to the future for God to do a new thing. The wilderness will be transformed into a life-giving paradise, causing his people to break into praise.

Psalm (126)

The Psalmist anticipates a time when Israel is restored and becomes the envy of the nations. He calls upon the Lord to bring this vision to glorious reality, turning present weeping into joyful shouts. Those who have sown the tears of sorrow shall reap bountiful harvest of happiness.

Second Reading (Philippians 3:4b-14)

Paul states that his impeccable religious credentials amounted only to rubbish in terms of righteousness. The latter can only come through faith in Christ and the power of his resurrection. It is only this work of Christ that drives him to do good and attain heaven.

Gospel (John 12:1-8)

As his last Passover approaches, Mary anoints Jesus’ feet with a costly and fragrant perfume. This extravagance annoyed Judas but Jesus knows that Mary had bought it for his burial. He points out that he is soon going to leave them and will have plenty of time to help the poor.


  • Living now in anticipation of the Kingdom of God to come
  • The immense value of knowing Christ
  • The God who can bring life out of death
  • Responding to God works in joy and praise