Baptism of the Lord, January 7, 2018, Year B

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Based on the Readings as Set

First Reading (Genesis 1:1-5)

In the beginning, God commands light to burst upon both the formless earth and the dark waters of the deep over which his Spirit is hovering. He declares the light “good” and names it “day” and the darkness “night”, evening and morning forming the first day.

Psalm (29)

All in heaven are called to worship Yahweh for his glory and strength, his voice shaking the very earth itself. All in his temple cry “Glory!” to the eternal king who sits above the flood. May he bless his people with strength and peace.

Second Reading (Acts 19:1-7)

When St. Paul first arrives at Ephesus he encounters a group of disciples who have been baptized into John’s baptism. He explains that John pointed to Jesus and when they are baptized in Jesus’ name the Holy Spirit comes upon them with tongues and prophecy.

Gospel (Mark 1:4-11)

St. John appears in the wilderness baptizing great throngs for the forgiveness of sins. However, he wants them to look to another who will baptize them with the Holy Spirit. When he baptizes Jesus the Holy Spirit descends and a heavenly voice declares him to be “my Son with whom I am well-pleased.”


  • The Holy Spirit as creator
  • Jesus, water, and the Holy Spirit
  • The awesome creative power of God
  • God speaks and things happen
  • Jesus is the one, and no other